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Demolition Day​

July 20, 2022

By Allison Wolff

Demolition Day has brought many emotions throughout the South Bend community. For many, it was sad to see the former Mulligan’s Bar be gone for good. But for those that know what is to come, this is the beginning of something great for the South Bend area. After nearly a year of extremely hard work, the Sideline Flats team could finally breathe a sigh of relief on demolition day. We are delighted to announce that the construction of Sideline Flats is underway!

Pre-existing bar and grill

Mulligan’s Bar and Grill

August 2009 – July 2021

Mulligan’s Bar was a staple of Notre Dame celebrations for 12 years. For locals, students, and alumni, this once lively bar holds many great memories and while the bar might be gone, Sideline Flats will be bringing new life to the property.

“Bringing [alumni] back to a place they have such fond memories of is important and I think this is a project that’s able to do that, yet still make it impactful for our own city,” said Addresses Unlimited broker Jen Arizmendi.

Getting our project off the ground has been no easy feat. Over the last year, we have negotiated with neighboring building’s residents and the City of South Bend to begin construction. The city updated its limit ordinance from 3 stories to 4 stories, allowing us to build the tallest building to come to this zone. Using every inch of this 1.06-acre lot, building up is the best way for us to accommodate everything we want in this property.

So what will Sideline Flats include?

  • Over 5500 square feet of the ground floor has been designated for commercial use. The space will be divided to house 3 retail locations, measuring 1979 SF, 1885 SF, and 1661 SF respectively. These spaces are managed by Bradley Company. If you are interested in commercial space at Sideline Flats, visit bradleyco.com/south-bend.
  • The ground floor will also hold a lobby, mail room, and secure parking for our residents. Additional parking and an enclosed dog run will be located off of the ground floor parking garage.
  • Levels 2, 3, and 4 will hold the 27 luxury condo units. These 3 and 4-bedroom units range from 1499 SF to 2425 SF and every unit has a spacious balcony with stunning city or campus views.
  • Residents will also have access to an expansive rooftop terrace. Equipped with gas fire pits, the rooftop will serve as additional space for leisure and entertainment. And from the rooftop of the tallest building in the area, the views will be breathtaking!

Sideline Flats is expected to be move-in ready by September of 2023.

It has been hard work to get us to Demolition Day but we could not be more excited to begin construction. Thank you to our partners, the city, and the community for supporting us on this journey.